About Us

About MilgyaCode

Hello coders.

Welcome to Milgyacode. I am Ankit, the founder, and designer of Codewithrandom.com you may know me as CodeWithRandom, I am a professional front-end web developer, I have taught about how to crack an internship or even interviews to many people through my Instagram handle.

I am very passionate about helping people who need me this website will teach me to build projects, websites, web apps, and much more. Here I will share many interesting projects related to front-end web development that will help you in a positive way. I’ve provided free source code to people with amazing front-end projects, I try to make an impression in your life with my coding skills.

About This Website

Milgyacode.com is a website that will provide you very fantastic front-end projects, this website provides you with the source code of every project listed on this website, not only the source code but even explain the code so that everyone can understand our posts.

Here, you will find all of these incredible front-end projects at zero cost. We try to explain everything about the source code but still if you have any queries then do not hesitate to ask questions. Milgyacode.com is the ultimate destination for you if you are looking for front-end projects for free with even source code and explanation to that too. With these projects, you can learn new skills and stay up-to-date with our latest tech and practices.

Milgyacode.com Is the perfect website for you if you are looking for some inspirational projects that you can work on right now to make your portfolio look good, we ensure that everyone should find projects related to their need on our website, again if you have any question related to project/source code/explanation, you may contact us.